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Staff office furniture supporting solutions

July 10,2020


    The Ekintop office furniture manufacturers believe that office space rents are now limited, so the staff office furniture features are diverse; such as file management/storage functions; and the combination of staff desks and chairs, cable should be planned.

    Next, the Ekintop office furniture manufacturers designer took a few supporting solutions of the staff office furniture designed for the customer, to analyze the key points of the staff furniture of different staff offices and the solutions provided by Ekintop office furniture manufacturers.


     Ekintop office furniture manufacturers think that first point of customer concern is the reasonable layout density and in line with working characteristics.

    Ekintop office furniture manufacturers provides solution: According to the size of the space and the number of users, choose the combination of the office furniture type and the office chair. Generally speaking, screens and workstations are recommended for space of 4 people and above, and the Ekintop office furniture manufacturers think that while low space is not suitable for screen applications. Ekintop office furniture manufacturers choosing the type and supporting staff office furniture, ensuring the operation space of the passage and work position, optimizing the working environment and improving work efficiency. In addition, the Ekintop office furniture manufacturers suggest the work characteristics affect the layout and office furniture selection.


    According to the main point 1, the Ekintop office furniture manufacturers designer designed the 3D staff office furniture rendering solution for the customer.

    The second point of customer attention: personalized features.

    Ekintop office furniture manufacturers provides solution: According to the work content and operation configuration requirements, the operation distance is considered to be "centimeter-level" precision, reducing waste on operation time; rich and diverse storage methods to solve office equipment and office supplies storage; negotiation, independent operation, etc. Under the working mode, office furniture manufacturers think a reasonable staff office furniture package can receive twice the result with half the effort, so as to control the office life.


     Ekintop office furniture manufacturers designer's 3D staff office furniture solution for customers based on point 2

     Ekintop office furniture manufacturers is committed to providing overall office solutions,You are welcome to contact us at any time.

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