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How to identify the quality of the large executive desk to purchase

December 02,2021


Today I will talk about how to distinguish the quality of the contemporary executive desk. When we buy and buy, we often observe with the naked eye or directly touch with our hands. The purpose is to be able to distinguish the quality and workmanship of the contemporary executive desk, but there are many small details in it. Let’s explain to you below, I hope to be able to Everyone is helpful.

1, whether the contemporary executive desk material is environmentally friendly
The core material of the contemporary executive desk is generally made of MDF and particleboard. No matter which material it is, it must meet the environmental protection standard of E1 or E0. As an office, if we are in a non-environmental space Doing work will bring great harm to the body, so we must pay attention to this when buying the contemporary executive desk.

contemporary executive desk

2, the details of the contemporary executive desk process
High-end contemporary executive desk, whether it is internal or external, must pursue perfection. When we buy contemporary executive desk, we can carefully observe all aspects of the product details, for example, you can open the drawer, wire cover, etc. to check and take a look. Whether their workmanship is excellent.

3, contemporary executive desk hardware accessories
Many contemporary executive desks are made of a small part of hardware accessories. The hardware accessories that we can see are mainly: rails, lock handles, etc. The quality of the rails can be directly opened to see if the drawer is smooth or not. Will the two sides sway, the gap will be large, whether it has the function of natural retraction of the middle, and so on. For locks, it basically depends on the brand. At present, in the office furniture industry, everyone pays great attention to the quality of the products and the contemporary executive desk with practical functions.

contemporary executive desk


The above is how to identify the contemporary executive desk, I hope it can help everyone. In fact, to choose the best method that suits you, you can go to an office furniture factory to customize a favorite contemporary executive desk.

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