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What should companies pay attention to when choosing an industrial desk

December 02,2021


With the improvement of living standards, a green office environment has become the pursuit of many people. The industrial office desk is the office appliance closest to people's work. Whether office furniture is green or environmentally friendly directly affects our health. At least one third of our workday is spent in the office. Therefore, the importance of a green office to our health is self-evident. When buying furniture, create a new concept of health and environmental protection.

industrial office desk


1. The industrial office desk has a unique shape
Office furniture obeys the requirements of mechanics, mechanical principles, data science, and technology to guide the design of structure, movement, part shape and size, and parts processing to prevent unreasonable design. In terms of aesthetics, the design of office desks and chairs should have the characteristics of the masses' aesthetics. Fashionability has once become the main aspect of furniture aesthetics. The design must show the characteristics of the period, conform to the prevailing fashion, and keep pace with the times to adapt to the changes in the market.

2. The industrial office desk saves resources
To complete the sustainable development of the industry under the premise of the sustainable application of resources, furniture design must think about reducing raw materials and energy consumption, thinking about the life cycle of the product, thinking about the recycling and application of product waste, thinking about consumption, use and after disposal The impact on the environment and other issues to complete the sustainable development of the industry.

3. The industrial office desk pays attention to environmental protection technology
When it comes to health, the most important thing is safety and environmental protection. In the process of safety design, it is well considered, and only by focusing on the details can the health standards be met. From material selection to design to workmanship, the concept of environmental protection and health is manufactured to achieve truly green, healthy and environmentally friendly office furniture.

industrial office desk


4. Detailed processing of the industrial office desk
Attention to detail is also a key factor. Because, some office furniture have rounded corners for the legs of the table. The rounded corners are designed to be smoother, which can reduce collision damage. Office furniture is usually placed in a place with a high density of people. Office furniture with sharp corners is usually easy to bruise. Therefore, the rounded corner design guarantees safety well.

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